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Secty is an early earthquake warning system. Earthquakes are measurable temporaly ground motions of the earthcrust which can reach destructive levels for human life. These ground motions are occuring and moving in 2 seperate waves towards every direction. An earthquake is categoriezed in primary and secondary waves. The primary wave is non destructive, has a speed of nearly twice of the secondary wave and is mostly not felt by mankind . The secondary wave is the destructive wave , its strenght is related to its distance to the earthquake source (epi center) and to the intensity. The primary wave is always reaching firstly the place of installed earthquake warning system followed by the second wave. The distance of the earthquake and the place of installed system is determining the warning time which is recognized by the sect life patron. A longer distance from earthquake source means longer earlier warning time due the speed difference to the primary and secondary wave.
Secty Life Patron is analysing and diagnosing according adjustable predefined and setted limits, by reaching these limits the system is starting audiable and visual warning.